Our Programs


Women’s Program Athens

In 2018 we launched our first women’s program in collaboration with Free Movement Skateboarding in Athens, Greece. We offer educational lessons, skateboarding lessons and a safe space to learn for girls with a refugee background. The program takes place weekly and is run by a team of both WSTW and Free Movement volunteers.


Year Round


Athens, Greece


WSTW x Project Fearless

As of fall 2019 we partnered up with Project Fearless, a project-based learning space for any girl aged 9-14 in Amsterdam to get hands-on, break stereotypes, find her voice and create an impact.

We run our WSTW lesson program together with dedicated Project Fearless volunteers. Combining skateboarding and educational sessions covering subjects around community, impact making and leadership.


Women mentorship program

Our mentorship program is open to volunteers who are passionate and excited about getting more women on skateboards. We guide you through your volunteering time through 1:1 mentoring. It is possible to volunteer with us in Athens or Amsterdam, but we can also provide you with (online) support when you’re volunteering through a partner NGO or other organisations. Besides Athens and Amsterdam, we have experience with working in Palestine and Kurdistan Iraq.


September - November


Amsterdam, the Netherlands



WSTW x Skatepal

The idea for Women Skate The World was born in Palestine, when we were volunteering with SkatePal. Thanks to our experience of working in Palestine we can give specific advice on volunteering there and what to expect.

We have partnered up with SkatePal to make your volunteer experience even better. We have written a special section in the volunteer package for women. We also offer one-to-one video calls with all the women heading out and we are always available for questions, either before you go or while you are out there.

If you want to have more information on volunteering in Palestine, check out SkatePal’s website or one of our blogs on Palestine.