WSTW - Amsterdam Project


Project Fearless x Women Skate the World

We're happy to announce that from September onwards we will run an WSTW-NL program in collaboration with Project Fearless. The project is open to girls from 9 - 14 y/o and will be taking place in Amsterdam. Registration for this season has filled up, but we’ll be sure inform you in time. Our current is free of costs thanks to TOMS.

Running our Amsterdam Project is Nanja van Rijsse, co-founder of WSTW. She'll be working closely together with Aaja Di Vece who's assisting her during the lessons. The program consists out of skateboarding sessions combined with educational lessons on leadership, role models, sustainability and change-making.

Our partner Project Fearless is a project-based learning space for any girl aged 9-14 in the Netherlands to get hands-on, break stereotypes, find her voice and create an impact. Find out about the first three programs they host this year, here.

We're currently not looking for volunteers on this project. However, in 2020 we might need some extra hands on board! Keep an eye on our volunteering page and socials for updates on this topic.