Fundraising Events May


We're happy to announce that we're working together with Giro5050 and USLAS ATLAS on two fundraising events taking place May 10th and 11th. Read along to find out more about the events. We'd love to see you around!

USLAS ATLAS - Batavierenrace 2019

On May 10th and May 11th, the Dutch annual 'Batavierenrace' will take place. A relay race over a track of 175km where over 8500 students compete. Student organisation Atlas is joining with a team of 25 students and this year, they chose to support Women Skate the World with a fundraiser linked to the relay race.

The event starts on May 10th with entertainment and activities in the city of Nijmegen. In the evening the first runners will start off, shifting positions with their teammates throughout the different stages in the night. The finish is scheduled around 16:00 on May 11th in Enschede. When all contestants have finished it's time for a close-off party.

This video gives an impression of the event:

Giro 5050

Also taking place on May 11th, is Giro 5050, a big event organised by Rotterdam's finest skaters to raise funds for SkatePal. The event is located at Museumpark in Rotterdam. Our fellow WSTW co-worker Kim is one of the soon to be SkatePal volunteers organising this event as part of her fundraiser. Take a look at her online fundraise page and help her reach the target! Scroll down to find the event's timetable.

The program for Giro 5050 is as follows:

12:00 - 14:00 = BEGINNERS-SESH
Just started skateboarding or never started at all? Join the free GIRO5050 beginners-sesh. Have fun and learn the basics the easy way. We're providing extra skateboards, so no worries if you don't have one. Everyone is welcome to join, take your friends and family and come roll with us!

14:00 - 20:00 = CONTESTS + FUN + PRIZES
// Free skateboarding & contests for all ages and levels
// To join all contests a donation of €5 is asked
// Obstacles from Adidas, Skateland & Opperclaes.
// Game of SKATE-PAL / Last man standing / Best Tricks / Speed challenge / Tricks for Drinks
// Food & drinks
// Photo-shoot
// Grip-Art
// Skatestore Lottery
// 50/50-spel
// GIRO5050 Merchandise
// Skate-Market
Local brands, vintage & 2e hands.
Met o.a. Dufarge, Meltdown, Loose Skateboard Co., Tucknee & Focused.

// Pepsho x Ties
// Yessica
// Hamama
// Polejam
// Green Cabin

21:00 - LATE = DRINKS @Tiki's Bar En Grill
Afterparty! Including special GIRO5050 cocktails to support SkatePal.

WSTW will sell a limited amount of our "Skateboarding is not Haram" t-shirts at the event. Be quick or be late!

We're grateful for the chance to join these fundraisers, sell our merchandise and introduce more people to the work of WSTW! If you're thinking about doing a fundraiser with, or for us, let us know so that we can talk about it and send you our promo-package.